Water Purifier Function Introduction

With society’s rapid development comes increasing emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through good living habits and nutrition, in conjunction with water purifiers ensuring its cleanliness for drinking purposes. Therefore, water purifiers have gradually made an appearance on the market; their functions being divided into various categories according to purification functions – let’s examine their features!

water purifier

First is the coarse and medium filter purifier. Often using carbon or activated carbon for filtering out impurities like sediment and rust from tap water, some water purifiers of this kind feature pre-filtration functionality to further reduce large particles present.

Second is the Composite Filter Purifier. These water purifiers often utilize multi-level filtration technologies like UMF, nanosand filter and PP cotton filter in order to filter out an extensive amount of impurities like sediment, rust, heavy metals and bacteria as well as any small particles such as sediment.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier. Reverse Osmosis has long been recognized for having one of the strictest filter effects among various water purifiers; it can filter almost all impurities and pollutants out while still preserving beneficial minerals in your drinking water supply.

Ultrafiltration water purifier. This model utilizes ultrafiltration membrane technology for filtering water. Filtration accuracy exceeds that of its counterparts by far; filters of this sort have filter accuracy of 0.01 micron, effectively filtering out impurities such as turbidity, colloid particles, bacteria, anions/cations balance issues as well as any rust present.

Finally, ultraviolet sterilization water purifier. With its advanced degree of sterilization capabilities and UV light treatment system, this purifier offers fast sterilization that leaves water clean, healthy and safe to consume. Understanding these categories of water purifiers should enable you to select more appropriate models according to your own individual needs and ensure safe, high-quality drinking water for consumption.