Designing a Kitchen: 5 Must-Consider Points

Building an efficient and appealing kitchen can be an exhausting endeavor, yet rewarding task. While it can be tempting to concentrate solely on its design elements, it’s crucial not to lose sight of how everything comes together into usable and inviting space. Here we discuss five points you should keep in mind when planning out a new kitchen design project.

kitchen design

1. Layout: An efficient layout will promote easy movement around a kitchen. Be mindful when placing cabinets, appliances and islands and how the room will be utilized when considering where you place cabinets, appliances and islands as well as work flow and meal preparation processes when planning its layout. For multifunctional spaces (multiple users or family gatherings in one space) discuss with family members which uses are intended and develop the layout accordingly.

2. Lighting: Proper kitchen illumination is of utmost importance. Achieve optimal illumination using layers of task lighting and accent illumination with natural sunlight as the basis. Consider bright and cool-tone under cabinet and countertop lights with under cabinet lighting also suitable as countertop pendant lighting options for over the island lighting purposes. Recessed lights also work effectively.

3. Storage: Appropriately-placed cabinets, drawers, shelves and hooks can help organize tools and objects efficiently while making them easily accessible. Planning ahead for adequate kitchen cabinet storage space will save time, hassle and clutter down the road.

4. Durability: When selecting kitchen cabinetry, countertops, tile flooring or appliances it should be made from materials designed for high usage and regular cleaning – materials with water resistance providing further protection in case of spillages in your kitchen environment.

5. Aesthetics: Once homeowners have considered all practical elements, it’s time to focus on aesthetic aspects. Knowing their purpose and usage for each space, homeowners should develop themes, color palettes and furniture/fixtures that bring it all to life – whether creating tranquillity and comfort or modern industrialism, each kitchen design should reflect both homeowners’ unique personalities and needs.

Designing your dream kitchen may seem intimidating at first, but by considering these five areas when creating one you and your family will love for years.